Our Mission


Rural hospitals are an integral part to the survival of many small communities across America. Quality healthcare can be found in every small town with a community hospital. The professionals providing this care cannot be expected to cover both the clinic and emergency department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The shortage of rural healthcare providers poses a challenge for these hospitals needing to supply 24 hour ER coverage.  While it is preferential to have full-time healthcare professionals on staff, many hospitals fill this void utilizing the services of locum tenens. These agencies supply healthcare professionals willing to travel to rural locations to provide ER and clinical coverage. This offers the full-time staff a much needed temporary break from their duties.

However, many of the agencies supplying the locum tenens providers charge hefty fees for this service. Rural hospitals are expected to pay these exorbitant fees in order to obtain coverage for the ER or clinic. In most cases, no alternatives are available to provide the community with the healthcare professionals needed. The profit margins of rural hospitals are so narrow that all expenses must be viewed with great scrutiny. Lowering the cost of ER and clinical coverage would potentially improve the bottom line of many rural hospitals.

Rural Emergency Medical Providers, LLC was founded in February 2014 by three physician assistants focused on providing ER coverage to rural hospitals and clinics. The providers were born and raised in Kansas and are aware of the importance of a rural hospital to a community. We understand that providing high quality healthcare involves a team approach including the services of many different people. A multidisciplinary approach is needed to provide the best care possible for patients. We provide quality healthcare by adhering to evidence-based medicine. We stay abreast of the latest medical information by attending medical seminars and receiving educational support through professional medical organization.

We understand that different hospitals have varying needs when obtaining healthcare services. Some may need a provider or RN to cover only the ER while others need both clinical and ER coverage. We are here to address those needs in a financially competitive manner. Having multiple providers working together to achieve the same goal allows us to offer a more flexible schedule. In most cases, we can provide coverage on a short notice basis.

Should you choose to utilize our services, we will do our very best to accommodate your request. A contract will be provided to the hospital listing the services to be provided and the expectations of the hospital. Rates and contract details are negotiable. Each provider in the group carries their own malpractice insurance and provides personal transportation. In most cases a covering physician at the hospital is appointed to sign charts and provide consult when needed. An associated physician group is available to the hospital to provide phone backup if needed. All requested documentation regarding credentialing or temporary privileges will be provided.

We are a viable solution to the challenge of finding quality, reliable, and affordable healthcare providers. Our mission is “Providing professional healthcare services to hospitals and clinics in rural America.”